Friday, March 26, 2010

Small Changes

I wish I had time to do this every day, but I suppose I knew it wouldn't be as such so that's why I put it up from the beginning that it would only be 1 or two times a month I'd post stuff up. But a couple of weeks ago, I was told by another blogger that the Bible should be taught with harmonious teachings. And he's right. Here I was trying to learn one subject at a time, but the point he made was a generously true one. You can't understand the whole of it if you only look at half. So from here on out, whenever I post something, it won't be a whole lot of the one subject, it'll just be broken even further up so that way I can include two teachings at once. If I didn't word this understandably, I apologize, I'm just really tired since this is the middle of my night and can't figure out how to word it better, so I shall instead give an example of what I'm talking about.

I have last posted up what Christians should not do in speaking with others, I should ALSO have included how they SHOULD speak.

I hope that clarifies what I'm trying to say. Next weekend off I hope to actually post scriptures again.


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